2020 Camp Lemon

As a staff, we at FBC Lowell have thought long and hard about whether on not to hold a camp this summer. We feel very strongly about the impact summer camp has on our youth's spiritual growth and church experience. Therefore, we have decided to proceed with having version of camp this summer! July 13-16 Lowell Students Ministries will be holding camp at Camp Loughridge in Tulsa, OK. Cost of Camp is $100/student and some scholarships are available. In addition to regular cleaning and sanitary practices, here are some things we will be doing to insure the health and safety of our students and sponsors attending camp.
1) We will be staying in a cabin only housing our group and other individuals we choose to bring in.
2) We will provide all of our food and meals inside the same cabin.
3) We will do regular temperature checks of all in attendance and anyone running a fever will be isolated until arrangements can be made for them to be taken home.
4) There will be little to no contact with other groups on the camp grounds at the same time as us and we will provide our students proper means to starilize and shared equipment or facilities on grounds (canoes, boathouse, pool locker rooms, etc.).
All other questions please direct to brian@fbclowell.com
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Lowell Student Ministries require all students to have an Information and Medial Release form on file to attend events.

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